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                                                                has 14 different traditional flavor choices and welcomes your special flavor request. 
  Choose your color or pick your flavor! Create your signature flavor! Your FUN! flavor ideas are endless! 
We take pride in our quality of cotton candy flavoring. Whether choosing the cotton candy based on color or flavor, both are intense!

      PINK  COLOR                                                                                                                                                                                         ORANGE COLOR                                                                                                                                                                                            

​     Bubble gum               Cherry           Strawberry        Watermelon         Vanilla (traditional flavor)                                         Orange

      YELLOW COLOR                                                                                             GREEN COLOR                                               BLUE COLOR               

​       Banana                      Lemon                Pina Colada                                          Apple                 Lime                                            Blue Raspberry (Traditional flavor)

        PURPLE COLOR                                                                                              WHITE  COLOR                   

​                 Grape                                                                                                           Peppermint                                       Sweet Sugar (similar to a a toasted marshmallow)

                                                             now has ORGANIC cotton candy! What makes it organic? Each organic cotton candy cone uses organic sugar, natural and organic flavors, and natural colors. Each flavor is USDA organic, kosher, and vegan. Please email us for a list of flavors to choose from. An additional charge  will apply for organic flavors.