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                                                         Frequently Asked Questions

                         QUESTION: Can I mix the colors together to create a customized flavor?

                         ANSWER:     Absolutely! Just keep in mind the colors will not become a "stripe",  
                                                   instead it will be a combo of the colors mixed together. For example, 
                                                   mixing yellow banana and pink strawberry to make a banana-berry flavor 
                                                   makes a soft orange color. For a more eye pleasing presentation, we recommend several single colors.

                         QUESTION:  How long can I store my bagged cotton candy?

                         ANSWER:      Depending on the climate, the cooler months will allow up to four days and the warmer months  no more
                                                    than twelve hours. However the staff at                                        is only guessing since we rarely have  
                                                    leftovers to know for certain!

                         QUESTION:  How much sugar is in one cotton candy cone?

                         ANSWER:      This may surprise you! One cotton candy cone is considered one ounce of sugar, with the rest filled with                                                     air. A 20 ounce can of soda has 69 grams of sugar and a 1 ounce cotton candy cone has 25 grams of sugar.

                          QUESTION:  What makes an "organic" cotton candy cone?

                          ANSWER:      All of our organic flavors are USDA organic approved, Vegan, and Kosher. The organic flavors use                                                      natural colors, flavors, and organic sugar. The                                        organic cones are slightly more dense                                                      than a traditional cotton candy cone. An additional charge will apply for each organic flavor choice.

                          QUESTION:  Will                                        ship cotton candy directly to me?

                          ANSWER:    Absolutely! We ship the cotton candy in a tub container, bagged, and / or on a cone. 
                                                   Located in Kansas or Missouri metro area? We deliver! (a small delivery fee may apply-ask for details). 

                   Contact kristi@cottoncandyfun.com or 913.231.7647 to order the FUN! today!