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The Porter Peeps
Kristi Porter, Founder

 I have always held a sweet spot in my soul for cotton candy.With a passion comes a purpose and mine was discovered after realizing how many others longed for the nostalgia of childhood with cotton candy! 

                                               is a family owned business founded in 2009. In addition to attending large corporate events, weddings,  birthday parties, baby showers, and so many other fun events, we have helped many organizations raise money for their special cause. Including nonprofit groups, school events, church mission trips, Relay for Life, Autism Awareness, adoption benefits, and 
many other beneficial causes.  

 Since                                              opened the doors, we have met many wonderful and FUN! people! We welcome the opportunity to bring the FUN! to your next event! We work within all budgets, event sizes, and welcome your special requests. No event is too small or too large!                                         .

 We cater to you and your FUN! Please contact Kristi Porter at 913.231.7647 or email us at kristi@cottoncandyfun.com to schedule your next event!

 Hi! My name is Kristi Porter, owner and founder of 

When I was pregnant with our fourth child I seemed to constantly crave the sweet treat. 

After driving from store to store, I realized I needed to create my own solution. 

 And so my husband and I decided to put the plan into action and create a business which is both fun and would involve the entire family. 
 Although we provide the best in products, service, and professionalism in the cotton candy industry, our greatest accomplishment is to give God the Glory in all that we do. 

 Our family includes Rob, Kristi, Katie, Emilia, Clive, Alton, and Maximilian.

 As a family based business, your resources are directly impacting our family and our community. Please support local and give where you live when possible!